About Us - Sam and Tara - Make Me Mindful

Hi there!

If you’ve stumbled upon our site – WELCOME! We absolutely LOVE connecting with likeminded, passionate, creative, mindful, awesome people like yourself. 

Our names are Sam and Tara and we are the Founders of Make Me Mindful.

Our Mission

The idea behind Make Me Mindful came about through a strong desire to live in a more conscious, ethical, sustainable, compassionate, socially mindful world. With a deep love for animals, the environment and humanity as a whole – we wanted to create a platform that would allow people to make better, more informed, choices that ensure this world of ours is around for many more years to come.

Make Me Mindful aims to support businesses that wholeheartedly tie in with our values. We are very selective in regards to the brands we choose to promote on our site. All brands represented must meet the following criteria:

  • Be Ethical
  • Be Sustainable
  • Be Compassionate
  • Be Australian Owned
  • Be 100% Vegan

So, what do these mean exactly?

ETHICAL – We strongly believe in researching where and how your products are made. Ethical products are those that are produced with a high regard to human, environmental and social impacts. Make Me Mindful supports brands who consider these aspects and hold them to the highest regard. This includes – but is not limited to – fair wages for employees, safe working conditions, environmental consciousness and an awareness of the social impact on communities.

SUSTAINABLE – Green. Eco Friendly. Reusable. Whatever words you want to use to define it – being more environmentally aware of the products we buy, is definitely the way of the future. We aim to support brands that use products that are safe for the environment and leave as little waste as possible. 

COMPASSIONATE – We have a lot of respect for brands that are socially mindful. ‘Giving back’ is something we truly believe in. Many brands that we support donate a portion of their profits to various charities and organisations. 

AUSTRALIAN OWNED – Supporting Australian owned businesses helps to sustain local jobs and the economy. It also assists in reducing our carbon footprint and is more beneficial for the environment. 

100% VEGAN – As HUGE animal lovers, and vegans ourselves, we wholeheartedly believe in fighting for the rights of animals. This means supporting businesses that use NO animal products, or by products.