Be Genki don’t want you to be perfect. They want you to be you.

Be Genki create natural, organic products to help you be you – whether you need help winding down, managing stress, turning on, or waking up. They understand that everything is connected and that everything has an affect on something else. One action can impact the environment and an emotion can infiltrate your body. 

That’s why their products contain ingredients and methods that work with the environment, not against it. They make choices that bring about harmony, not chaos. That’s why their products are: 

100% natural
Vegan & Cruelty-free 

Every little bit counts on the path to genki living. They want to help you get there, by rewarding their loyal customers with the chance to be a part of The Happiness Club – for life. It’s their way of showing you some love for all the love you’ve shown them. Whether it was two weeks ago or two years ago, they’ll remember and reward you for your purchases with lifelong rewards. For further details go to:

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 6 reviews
by Brooke Byvoet on Be Genki
Complete BLISS

I was looking for Organic, clean, Aussie made essential oils for my wellness retreats and could not be happier with Be Genki!
With Sam’s complete gorgeousness and love going into every single bottle it’s no wonder all my Bliss seekers are so impressed with their bottles of bliss! They have also changed my kids demeanors while I have them diffusing around the house and helped my health also! Amazing! XX

by Sam on Be Genki
Bliss in a bottle

I am so in love with Be Genki’s Serene oil blend. It takes me in its delicately scented arms and caresses me into a blissful state of serenity and calm. I feel this is going to be a long term relationship. Thank you Be Genki!

by Michelle Clayton on Be Genki

My girlfriend gave me a gift of your moisturising cream. Omg my skin has never felt so smooth. The fragrance was wonderful and not overpowering.

by Lynne Lund on Be Genki
Simply sublime

I first started using BeGenki oils quite a few years ago. They are such beautiful blends, subtle enough for those with sensitivities to harsh scents, but deeply rich enough to evoke the moods you are aiming for. They smell good enough to eat and make you want to roll around in them like a cat in catnip!

by Beth on Be Genki
Little life savers

I discovered Be Genki at the perfect time—when I really needed it. Be Serene is the most suble yet effective blend I’ve found for relaxation, soothing an anxious mind and getting ready for sleep. I am regularly asked what fragrance I’m wearing when I use the Be Serene roll-on. I adore all the Be Genki products and love what the oil (cheeky) has done for my skin to tame hormonal breakouts and increase bloodflow through massage. I’ll never stop buying and enjoying these fantastic products.

by Katie Lean on Be Genki
Be Genki, such a beautiful range! I’ve been hooked for years!!!

Sam is one of the most beautiful people and her range reflects this! I’ve been using Be Genki since Sam first launched the range in Perth and I’ve not looked back! I’ve used the body oils and essential oils blends across the range depending on what I need. I am also an absolute lover of the face range! The toner is amaze and I have used each of the the face oils depending on what my skin needs – which over time has been a lot! I can see the difference and glow within the week! ❤️

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