Coconut Magic is dedicated to bringing you the finest quality Coconut Products.

Coconut Magic’s coconut oil is premium because of its quality raw materials and unique extraction process making it therapeutic grade and the purest coconut oil on earth. It does not have a strong taste or aroma, it is light, creamy and beautiful.

Coconut Magic coconut products are all certified organic. For the virgin coconut oil, they go the extra mile and source their coconuts from their very own certified organic farms, ensuring both their farms and the production process are all certified. This ensures that they have the utmost confidence that no pesticides or chemicals have been used at any stage during production.

Some of Coconut Magic’s Brand Values:

The personal magic touch

It’s the passion and love they have for coconuts that make them stand out and inspire people to adopt a coconutty way of life. They love what they do and ensure they never stop having fun!

Appreciate Mother Earth

Nature provides us with an abundance of healthy food and natural beauty. Without her we would not be alive. She deserves our love and appreciation.

Create the future

Our reality shapes our destiny, our destiny shapes our future. They do not know what the future may hold, but they do know that we all play an active role in creating it.

Coconut Magic products are Fair Trade, sustainable and Vegan. They support animal welfare and wellbeing charities to create a happy and beautiful world. Find out more HERE.

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