People Of The Earth, For The Earth. Earthenfolk is a Melbourne based, ethical clothing brand, born out of a simple desire to spread a positive message. 

With the busy world that we live in it is sometimes hard for a small voice to be heard. Earthenfolk wanted to create a way for people to show what they value – through what they wear. Thus, their ethical clothing brand was born! And what better message to spread than kindness and compassion for all living things!

Earthenfolk strongly believe in creating a fairer world for everyone who lives in it. As a result of this, all of their products are sourced ethically and are fair trade. This ensures that the people who helped to make their products are treated fairly, paid justly, and work in a safe environment.

Especially relevant – Earthenfolk care deeply about the impact on the environment. Due to this they ensure that their products are environmentally friendly. This means they’re made from sustainable, all natural resources and raw materials such as organic cotton. All of their products are 100% vegan, ethical and fair trade.

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