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Most importantly, Make Me Mindful (makememindful.com.au) is not a vegan certified body. As such, you should not treat us this way when using this site. Instead, this site is intended to give general information about, and explanations of, ethical, sustainable, socially mindful and vegan principles that commonly impact the world in which we live.

We have taken the utmost care when selecting brands we choose to represent on this site. To the best of our knowledge, all brands are 100% vegan. Whilst we screen our brands to ensure this is the case, we cannot however, guarantee this. We will continue to regularly screen the brands we work with to ensure that they fit with our values and therefore allow us to maintain a valued reputation as trusted vegan advocates.

Whilst we aim to ensure that ALL brands in our ‘Category’ section are 100% vegan, you may find a couple of events on our ‘Events’ page where this may not be completely the case. Whilst we aim to ensure this is the case the majority of the time, occasionally an event may pop up that doesn’t offer food as such, but does have food on the premises that may or may not be vegan. Some events may also offer a vegan and vegetarian option. When this is the case, we will state it in the event itself for complete transparency.

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