Privacy Policy

Our names are Tara Cockrane and Samantha Corfield. We are the creators of this website, Make Me Mindful. We understand the value of maintaining privacy of personal information. We are committed to the protection of customer privacy and data and invite you to contact us on the Contact Page with any questions or concerns you may have. 

This site collects information on you in two ways:

  1. The information that you manually provide us by leaving a comment, filling out one of our contact forms, making a purchase, or subscribing as a member. This information can be tied directly to you because of the information you’ve provided.
  2. The information that’s automatically collected via third-party partners included on this site in order to allow us to give and deliver content that’s most relevant to you. The types of information collected here include things like your IP address, location, pages visited, and browser type. Generally, our third-party partners only give us this information in the aggregate (e.g. it’s not identifiable to you) but sometimes this information can be directly tied to you (e.g. if you signed up for our list via a Twitter lead generation card).

Most of this information is only used in the aggregate to create a profile of our readers and the types of content that you, as our readers, most identify with. We use this profile to create more content that you love. The information collected is only shared with others if required by our terms of service/agreement with those parties, or if we are legally required to by law.

You may access and make any changes to your personal information at any time by contacting, or by forwarding updated information to, us through the Contact form on the Site. You may also tell us whether or not you want the Site (or other third party sites) to send you marketing information.

We take all reasonable measures to safeguard and protect personally identifiable information from unauthorised access and misuse. If for any reason you believe that the Site has not adhered to these principles, please contact us straight away.

Thank you.

Tara and Sam