The Entertainers Guide to Summer Vegan Recipes

What better way to kick off the festive season than with a number of delicious, summer vegan recipes that are sure to have your guests licking their lips in delight?!

Anthea Amore is one of Australia’s leading vegan chefs. Her second recipe book, HUNGRY for more crazy good vegan food, is filled with a number of mouth watering, yummy recipes.

HUNGRY 3D Vegan Cookbook - Make Me Mindful

HUNGRY elevates vegan food to new heights with Anthea’s bold flavour combinations and ingenuity in the kitchen. All of the 150 recipes are inspiringly 100% plant-based, cane sugar free and 95% gluten free. HUNGRY delivers simple, organic wholefood recipes for every occasion including dedicated chapters for drinks, starters, soups and salads in addition to the three main meals and sweet treats and desserts.

HUNGRY (self published) is available for purchase on and in select health food and book stores across Australia for RRP$39.95 (flexi cover) and RRP$49.95 (hard cover).  

Check out some of our favourite recipes below!

Chia Lemonade

Chia lemonade - Make Me Mindful

Fresh lemonade is the stuff of childhood memories. What kid hasn’t tried their hand at making pocket money selling homemade lemonade in front of their suburban house after juicing the lemons, adding white sugar and water (or, from the clever kids, soda water)? I know I did – sitting in my swimmers in the warm sun of spring, waiting for thirsty hot customers to walk past! Selling freshly made lemonade was truly the beginning of my hospitality and food career.

There’s nothing like fresh lemonade – cleansing and refreshing on your palate, with the bonus that lemons are so good for you. everyone knows lemons are high in vitamin C (28 per cent), but they are also high in vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin E, folate, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and protein. That’s a pretty powerful list!

Lemons may help to control blood pressure, are great for weight loss and help to relieve problems that relate to indigestion and constipation. They are said to assist in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis, and they can help provide relief from cold and fevers. Lemons are also a blood purifier and an awesome immune-system booster. They also are thought to have a therapeutic effect on mental stress and depression. The humble ol’ lemon has so much goodness to offer our general wellbeing.

This lemonade recipe uses agave or maple syrup for sweetness instead of a lot of processed sugar, and also contains chia seeds with all their omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and truckloads of antioxidants! drink this fresh lemonade for radiant skin and that internal glow!

Makes: approx. 1 litre

Soaking time: 10 minutes Preparation time: 10 minutes


1 tablespoon chia seeds, soaked in 1 cup filtered water for 10 minutes (stir a few times)

½ cup lemon juice

¼ cup light agave (or maple) syrup*, or to taste

¼ teaspoon quality salt

1 tablespoon unpasteurised apple cider vinegar*

750ml soda water

25mm piece fresh ginger, finely grated (optional)

Ice cubes


2 lemons, 1 sliced into discs, the other peeled into curls

* You’ll find these ingredients at your local health-food store or online.


Place soaked chia seeds in a large glass jug with all the remaining ingredients, except the ice cubes and garnish. Stir until well combined.

Serve lemonade over ice cubes in glasses and garnish with lemon discs and curls.

Sunrise Passion Smoothie

Vegan Sunrise passion smoothie - Make Me Mindful

One day I woke up, dressed in the colour orange and went to the kitchen to make my morning smoothie. I grabbed a papaya, a couple of oranges, a lemon and a passionfruit from my fruit bowl and popped them in the blender with my usual superfood combination of lucuma and mesquite and just whizzed it all up.

It was delicious! I sat out on my deck and sipped while the morning gently unfolded around me.

The smoothie was like a gorgeous sunrise in my glass, giving me that peaceful, contented feeling you can get watching a sunrise grow and change before your eyes in its timeless spaciousness!

Papaya is one of my favourite fruits. first up, it’s rich in antioxidant goodies (including carotenes, vitamin C and flavonoids), then there are the magic B vitamins (folate and pantothenic acid) and a significant dose of minerals (potassium, copper and magnesium). Oh, and great fibre, too.

Papayas also contain an enzyme called papain that aids digestion. Because papaya is relatively high in fibre and has high water content, it helps prevent constipation and promote regularity and a healthy digestive tract. Every time I eat papaya, it feels so healing and cleansing on my tummy I wonder why I don’t eat it every day!

Makes: 1 medium smoothie (300ml) Preparation time: 5 minutes


½ cup chopped fresh or frozen papaya

250ml freshly squeezed orange juice

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon mesquite powder*

1 teaspoon lucuma powder*

½ tablespoon hempseed oil*

1 large passionfruit, pulp removed


Edible fresh flowers

* You’ll find these ingredients at your local health-food store or online.


Place all the ingredients, except the passionfruit pulp, in a blender and blend until smooth.

Place the passionfruit pulp in a glass, then pour your smoothie on top.

Artichoke, Lemon & Cannellini Bean Dip with Baked Almond Crackers

Vegan Cannellini bean lemon artichoke dip - Make Me Mindful

I’ve been carrying this dip around in my back pocket for 20 years, so it’s finally nice to share it! It’s ever so tasty and creamy, and has always been popular with friends and family. Artichokes, artichokes, I absolutely love them as you’ll find out in later chapters! Can’t get enough of this one…

Makes: approx. 550g Preparation time: 5-10 minutes


400g tin cannellini beans, drained, rinsed

165g artichoke hearts, in olive oil, drained

1 medium garlic clove

1 teaspoon quality salt

½ teaspoon cracked black pepper, plus extra, to serve

10cm sprig rosemary, leaves only

¼ cup lemon juice

1 tablespoon lemon zest

1 teaspoon white sesame seeds, to serve

Cold-pressed olive oil, to serve

Baked almond crackers

Makes: 32 crackers (You’ll need a 32cm square baking tray)

Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 25 minutes

1/3 cup filtered water

1 tablespoon savoury yeast flakes*

2 tablespoons cold-pressed olive oil

1 teaspoon garlic granules

1 tablespoon unpasteurised apple cider vinegar* or lemon juice

½ teaspoon quality salt

¼ teaspoon cracked black pepper

¼ cup golden flax meal*

2 teaspoons chia seeds

1½ cups almond meal

* You’ll find these ingredients at your local health-food store or online.


Place beans, artichokes, garlic, salt, pepper, rosemary, lemon juice and lemon zest in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth.

Spoon dip into a serving bowl and chill in the fridge until you are ready to serve. Drizzle with olive oil and garnish with cracked pepper and sesame seeds to serve. Keeps well in an airtight container in the fridge for 5-7 days.

Baked almond crackers

Pre-heat oven to 150°C fan forced. Line the baking tray with baking paper.

Place water, yeast flakes, oil, garlic, vinegar and salt and pepper in a blender and blend until combined. Add the flax meal, chia seeds and almond meal and blend until combined. This mixture gets stiff quickly!

Spoon mixture onto the tray, and spread evenly to about 1mm thick with a spatula. (Too thick and they won’t be crisp.) Spreading this mixture takes a little time and patience. Use a wet spatula to help make it easier!

Score 32 (4 x 8) crackers or to the size you prefer, then bake for 20-25 minutes or until light golden brown, then transfer tray to a wire rack.

Let crackers cool on tray for 10 minutes, then remove and cool completely. Store in an airtight container for up to 1 week.

Serve this as a delicious healthy starter for friends and family, or enjoy the dip and crispy crackers as a treat when you take a break during your busy day.

Kale Citrus Dip

Vegan Kale citrus dip - Make Me Mindful

Some people love kale, some don’t know what it is and some don’t like it at all. I wanted to create a recipe using kale that even those who don’t like it would actually enjoy. And I think I may have done it!

I’ve taken this creamy green kale dip to the streets – to markets and to book signings, to young and to old – and everybody seemed to really like it. Kale, like most greens, is bitter and that’s why it’s so good for you! To counteract the bitterness, I’ve added macadamia and cashew nuts for sweetness, lemon and lime for a sour, fragrant tang and salt to bring all the flavours into balance. This dip is light and refreshing, it has a zesty zing to it and a lovely creamy texture from the combined nuts and olive oil.

PLEASE try this dip, especially if you don’t usually like kale. So many people who don’t like kale really love this dip! It’s great with crackers and fresh crudités, on burgers, with roast vegetables, dolloped on a quinoa salad and even on toast for brekkie!

Makes: approx. 500g

Soaking time: 15 minutes (optional) Preparation time: 5 minutes


½ cup cashews, soaked in filtered water for 15 minutes, rinsed, drained (optional, see Tip)

1 cup macadamia nuts

½ cup roughly chopped, loosely packed kale

½ cup lemon juice

¼ cup lime juice

½ cup cold-pressed olive oil

1 small garlic clove

½ cup roughly chopped, loosely packed parsley of your choice

1½ teaspoons quality salt

Extra 1-2 tablespoons filtered water, if required

Crackers, sourdough toast and crudités, for serving


Drain cashews, then place in a blender with the macadamia nuts, kale, lemon juice, lime juice, oil, garlic, parsley and salt and whiz up until creamy and soft. (Depending on the power of your blender, you may need to add a little extra filtered water and occasionally stop to scrape down the sides of the bowl to get an even, creamy consistency.) Scrape mixture into serving bowl.

Serve with your favourite crackers, sourdough toast and crudités. Keeps for 5-7 days in an airtight container in the fridge.

Tip: Soaking the cashews makes the dip smoother and creamier, but it’s not necessary.

Cracked Pepper & Dill Cheeze Logs

Vegan Cracked pepper cheeze - Make Me Mindful

For those who’ve given up dairy and are missing a soft pepper cheese, this recipe is for you! The sweet fragrant cracked pepper with a slight savoury cheeze tang is a flashback to the ‘normal’ version!

Soaking and fermenting the cashews really helps to create a cheese-like taste by softening the nuts and transforming them into a realistic cheese texture. This recipe will wow your dairy and non-dairy friends alike. Definitely has the winning factor and the big thumbs up!

Makes: 2 x 250g logs

Soaking time: 3-4 hours Preparation time: 5 minutes Fermentation time: 12-24 hours


2 cups cashews, soaked in 4 cups filtered water for 3-4 hours, rinsed, drained

1 small garlic clove

½ teaspoon garlic powder

½ teaspoon onion powder

2 tablespoons savoury yeast flakes*

3 tablespoons lemon juice

1½ teaspoons quality salt

¼ teaspoon white pepper

¼ cup filtered water (non-chlorinated water is a must for this recipe)

1 vegan probiotic capsule*

10g cracked black pepper

½ bunch finely chopped fresh dill

* You’ll find these ingredients at your local health-food store or online.


Place rinsed cashews in a food processor and blend until roughly chopped, scraping down the sides as necessary.

Add garlic clove, garlic powder, onion powder, yeast flakes, lemon juice, salt and white pepper. Blend until smooth, scraping down the sides as needed.

Add the ¼ cup non-chlorinated filtered water and blend until mixture is perfectly smooth and very creamy. Spoon cheeze into a glass bowl.

Break open the probiotic capsule and sprinkle the contents over the cheeze; stir in thoroughly with a non-metallic spoon.

Cover the cheeze with a tea-towel and allow to ferment naturally in a warm place for 12-24 hours. Taste the cheeze to check if it’s ready. If it tastes slightly tangy and smells fermented (slightly sour), then it’s done.

Refrigerate for a minimum of 3 hours to firm up cheeze (overnight is best – if you can wait!).

Divide the cheeze into two equal portions. Spoon each cheeze portion onto a 37cm x 24cm piece of plastic wrap.

Roll up cheeze to form a 12cm-long (4cm in diameter) log, tucking in excess mixture at the sides for a neat, even edge.

Sprinkle black pepper evenly across a large plate and do the same with the chopped dill. Unwrap each cheeze log and carefully roll one log in the pepper to cover. Roll the second log in the finely chopped fresh dill to cover. Re-shape logs if needed, then rewrap. Chill for 1 hour or simply eat straightaway if you can’t wait!

Keeps for up to 1 week in an airtight container in the fridge.

Please Note: The dill cheeze log is best eaten within 24 hours as the dill tends to dry out in the fridge.

Raw Coconut Ice

Vegan Coconut ice - Make Me Mindful

My love affair with anything coconut may very well have begun with coconut ice from the infamous Darrell Lea lolly shop. I loved it as a kid. This version, of course, is healthier and no way as sweet. There is no condensed milk or icing sugar in my recipe.

The pink part is lightly fragranced with rosewater and coloured with beetroot powder (or a few drops of beet juice).The white part is flavoured with vanilla. It has a subtle sweetness with a crumbly coconutty texture. Simple to make, with only a handful of ingredients – desiccated coconut being the main one!

It’s nut free, so a great recipe for schools. enjoy this healthy treat and perhaps a childhood flashback like me…

Makes: 24 pieces (You’ll need a 24cm x 15cm x 2.5cm tray)

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Setting time: overnight or until firm to touch


White layer

3 cups desiccated coconut

3 tablespoons melted coconut oil

3 tablespoons light agave syrup* (mildly sweet, adjust to your liking)

½ teaspoon vanilla bean paste

Pink layer

3 cups desiccated coconut

3 tablespoons melted coconut oil

3 tablespoons light agave syrup* (mildly sweet, adjust to your liking)

1/8 teaspoon beetroot powder* (or use grated beetroot and squeeze to juice for soft pink colour)

1 tablespoon rosewater

* You’ll find these ingredients at your local health-food store or online.


White layer

Blend the desiccated coconut in a food processor for 5-10 minutes or in a high-speed blender (it will take longer in a domestic blender) or until it’s turned into a nut butter texture. Make sure it is slightly runny/oily and not too dry or the coconut ice will not cut well! Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.

Pour into a lined baking tray and refrigerate until firm to the touch.

Pink layer

Make the pink layer in the same way, using beetroot powder and rosewater. Once the white layer is set slightly and firm to the touch, pour the pink mix on top. Allow it to set overnight or until firm.

Cut with a hot sharp knife into 24 pieces. Keeps in an airtight container in the fridge for up to one month.






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