The Unexpected Path of Gratitude

Sometimes Appreciation is Found in the Most Unlikely of Places. 

Yesterday evening as I walked home I noticed the full moon. I could see the markings on it perfectly. I thought it was beautiful.

Later on, I was speaking to a friend and she told me she had been up half the night with her son as he wakes up every month, like clockwork, when its a full moon. She told me the moon isn’t beautiful to her. “More like creepy”, she said. “That big face stares at me and laughs”.

“But your son also loves the ocean”, I reminded her, “and there would be no tides if there was no moon….”

And there it is right there. The duality of life… But it’s true.

We wouldn’t value happiness if we couldn’t experience sadness. 

If we couldn’t feel fear, we would not know the thrill when we act with courage. 

And of course, there would be no great pain in loss, if there wasn’t a great love that preceded it.

Everything has two sides.

Connie Johnson, an incredibly brave woman who has been battling cancer for years and founded the charity Love Your Sister with her brother Samuel Johnson, recently announced that she had decided to stop chemo treatment. And she said of her children: “My pain will [soon] be over. And theirs will just be beginning”. I cried when I read her words, because of course it’s true. In beginnings there are endings, and in endings beginnings.

But what’s also true is what her brother said. “Anything truly wonderful comes at a cost”. And there are two ways of looking at that too…. The cost… or the wonderful.

I think when we notice the wonderful and are grateful for it – even if we have it for way too brief a time and at first when we lose it, it seems so unfair – in the long run, the price we pay for having had it at all will never seem too high.

There’s a dark side to the moon. But even the thinnest crest of a new moon lights up the night… and brings in the tide.


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